ZEN Consulting

ZEN’s consulting services cover:
Process improvement
Risk management
Business case and proposal development
Project and change management
Governance and independent reviews
Software Lifecycle Consulting

Software Lifecycle Consulting

Whether its implementing the ZEN Enterprise out of the box solutions or automating tasks and process workflows,  ZEN Enterprise provide holistic software services covering the full end to end software lifecycle. This includes the application of user centric and design thinking approaches, agile and lean techniques and the utilisation of a modern industry standard set of development and coding platforms to mitigate against technology obsolescence and optimise long term value for clients.

The management consulting services of ZEN Enterprise are complementary to its software lifecycle services, providing synergy and maximising benefits for clients. ZEN Enterprise draws on the skills and experience across its software and consulting practices to provide a unique perspective to it clients in the public and private sectors to provide consulting services in the following areas:

Innovation Practices
Drawing on Lean Enterprise and innovation techniques to provide a unique perspective to common organisational processes including risk management, service and process definitions, benefits management, problem or conflict resolution.

Project & Delivery Management
Management of change utilising a practical combination of agile, lean and MSP/Prince2 methodologies and applying effective governance techniques through the full change process.

Base State Assessments
Determining the clients maturity and readiness to adopt technologies and improvements. This includes assessing people, process and technology in a way that assists the client and involves recommendations and ways to achieve a base state to enable the realisation of benefits from implementing positive change (eg new software).

Change Impact Analysis
Before any change is implemented it is important to understand the impact of this change against the Base State. This includes assessing the impact of change on areas of the organisation, and providing a practical and actionable plan to manage the change process.

The management consulting services of ZEN Enterprise are complementary to its TCO & ROI – Articulating a clear view of costs, non-financial and financial benefits, the payback period of any change, and the risks that need to be managed to ensure benefits are realised.

Zen Consulting Staff

ZEN Enterprise staff are degree qualified with specialist certifications in ITIL, Prosci, CPA, Prince2, Agile, COBIT, SFIA, Lean Enterprise and various proprietary vendor specific software languages (Microsoft, C++, Python, Javascript, HTML, etc).