ZEN Enterprise provides productivity and process automation software designed to take the risk and manual effort out of contract management activities …


ZEN Enterprise provide specialist consulting services to assist organisations optimise the value from their investments, covering people, process and technology.



Deliver efficiency gains, provide productivity dividends and save money by streamlining administration effort.

Return On Investment

Focus on a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) by delivering measurable benefits and a quick payback period.

Customer Empowerment

Know exactly what you are paying for and empower internal customers to manage their own costs.

Cash Flow

Improve cash flow certainty and working capital requirements.


The branch is extremely satisfied with the value for money proposition that the ZEN Enterprise system has provided to date.

Of particular note is the analytical capabilities of ZEN Enterprise, which makes full use of the opportunity from compiling historical invoicing information in a single database.

ZEN has already delivered productivity savings several times from ad hoc analysis tasks that have been able to be completed in minutes, rather than days if past processes and tools were relied on.

The ZEN system has shows considerable flexibility in adapting to various vendor’s diverse forms of providing substantiation data and still providing a simple interface for the end users to manage the system, including vendor data ‘ingestion’.

The ZEN team has been extremely professional and engaged.