Solutions to save money and deliver value

ZEN Enterprise is a holistic provider of technology based solutions covering people, organisation, process, data and technology.

The ZEN Enlighten approach ensures that all of these aspects are considered carefully, so that the optimal solution can be delivered and supported for clients to achieve a positive ROI in rapid time.


ZEN Enterprise delivers software to meet client
specific needs in the areas of provider and contract
management, workflow and process automation,
spend analysis and risk management.


ZEN Enterprise deliver a full set of consulting services to improve
the way clients do business.


Deliver efficiency gains, provide productivity dividends and save money by streamlining administration effort.
Return on Investment

Focus on a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) by delivering measurable benefits and a quick payback period.
Customer Empowerment

Know exactly what you are paying for and empower staff to manage their own costs.
Cash Flow

Improve cash flow certainty and working capital requirements.