Brett Petersen shares the story of ZEN Enterprise and the business of automating outsourcing contracts. Find out how ZEN ensures clients get the best possible return and benefits from their investment, by using an innovative platform that automates processes and workflow, connects organisations with their suppliers to support improved relationships, deliver productivity gains and provide greater transparency of key information and data.

Over the past few weeks ZEN Enterprise staff have thoroughly enjoyed training the wonderful people working across some of Queensland Government’s emergency service agency’s including QLD Police, Ambulance and Fire & Emergency Services, as well as the Department of Housing & Public Works.

For those in primary healthcare, there are significant benefits to be gained by automating and digitising the Commissioning process.

Attached is a brief summary of some of the benefits that can be obtained on that journey.

Primary Health Networks (PHN’s) around Australia do a wonderful job facilitating and partnering with local providers to deliver much needed healthcare services to their communities.

In this video, recent CEO Robin Whyte discusses the digital transformation challenges Eastern Melbourne PHN faces and the way in which they are tackling them head on.