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Eastern Melbourne’s Digital Transformation journey and use of local technology partners to meet their needs.

ZEN Billing and Cost Transparency with Cloud Infrastructure Services
When sourcing cloud infrastructure services such as AWS or Azure including Compute/CPU, Network or Storage, it is important that you configure the management structure of your services, to allow for cost transparency and to support invoice reconciliation and expense management.

Differentiating features of ZEN solutions over other offerings.

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Robotics, AI and Machine Learning
With the emergence of robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning as cost-effective tools of the trade in the office, there are numerous challenges for organisations to navigate in obtaining real value without wasting time and money and still maintaining a laser focus on the core business and clients.

The value-based approach to managing contracts
Continuous improvement in the procurement and contract management functions.

The Invoice Verification Process
Invoice verification is about checking that you got what you paid for before progressing for payment. In my experience invoice verification is practiced in many different ways, from not at all, through to a forensic line item analysis.

Invoice Reconciliation Management
When undertaking sourcing activities particularly for large and/or complex procurements such as outsourced agreements, it is important to ensure that you include requirements with regards to the data format that the invoice and support data should be in.

Digital Invoice Management
Organisations in both the public and private sectors are increasingly looking to outsourcing non-core activities.

Finance Solutions
Financial management based applications and tools have evolved a great deal over the past 2 decades and have come from a variety of origins from business intelligence software such as TM1, Cognos or Business Objects through to cost modeling tools and the more traditional ERP solutions such as SAP.

What you need to do to innovate
There has been a lot written about innovation over the past five years, with wide recognition that new practices will improve productivity, service delivery and provide a competitive advantage.